Paul Crouch was a “television apostle” because his ministry and the ministry of TBN have helped Christians and churches around the world grow and minister to the people of the nations. I remember Paul Crouch’s description of the plan for TBN’s development in the early days. “Paul said, ‘I’ll tell you what, if I do nothing on that channel-if I run out of programming, and I don’t have anything but a sign that says, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and John 3:16 put on it-I’ll show it 24 hours a day before I’ll put something from the world on it. Hallelujah.'” TBN has indeed fulfilled that goal and Paul Crouch’s legacy of Christian television pioneering goes on, now airing evangelical television programs that proclaim the Lordship of Jesus and the love of God 24 hours, every day! In loving memory of Paul Crouch, today we declare John 3:16: “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” And, as always, we declare in Paul’s honor, ‘Jesus Is Lord!’

Kenneth Copeland

“Everyone at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association extend our condolences to the family of Paul Crouch, Sr., who, along with his wife, Jan, founded the Trinity Broadcast Network in 1973…. He and the TBN family have been longtime friends and supporters of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse.”

“I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Paul Crouch, who was a friend for decades. Paul was a pioneer in Christian television; the channels and studios that Paul built around the world are an incredible achievement and will live on as a permanent legacy.”

Pat Robertson, Christian Broadcasting Network

“Paul truly was a pioneer with a powerful vision for delivering the Gospel in a manner that reached millions around the world. He understood the power of the Gospel. His ministry and broadcast operations touched the lives of many in this country and abroad including all of us at the ACLJ. Paul will be deeply missed.”

Jay Sekulow, American Center for Law and Justice

“Paul Crouch was a giant amongst men whose trail blazed television ministry for the 21st century. His brilliant faith and business acumen brought Christ to many who wouldn’t have been otherwise exposed. His legacy lives on through his family, TBN partners everywhere, and the many people that he gave an opportunity. I am numbered amongst those beneficiaries.”

Bishop T.D. Jakes

“Paul was a true man of God and through TBN led millions to Jesus…. I’ll miss my friend, but there is joy in heaven where millions of people are thanking him for sharing Jesus with them.”

Evangelist Arthur Blessitt

“‘Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints’ (Psalm 116:15). Certainly this is true for Dr. Paul Crouch, a man who helped open doors for me and many other ministers, as founder of the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Today my heart is sad, yet I am thankful to God for nearly four decades of a special, life-changing bond with this giant in the faith.”

Pastor Benny Hinn

Our hearts are hurting with the loss of “Sister Jan”. Yet we know that our heavenly Father has opened His arms and welcomed her home. Her life and love for Jesus has been shown to so many millions around the world. I personally have been impacted so many times by her throughout the years. We are praying for you, the staff, and family of TBN as you say good-bye for a while. With love and constant prayers, your brother,

Dr. Ted Rose, Chairman, United States National Prayer Council

“Paul Crouch … has passed into eternal joy. Condolences to family and praise to God for this man of faith.”

Author Max Lucado

“When I received word of her stroke this week, I began to think of the incredible impact she has had on my life, my mom’s life and the lives of everyone who ministered with me on Chosen. When I think of Mrs. Jan, I think of the truths that make up the woman of God she is: a pure, genuine love for her Jesus, the value and belief she has in the power of prayer, and her loving, generous heart. That is the truth about Jan Crouch.

Mrs. Jan, you are loved and honored, and I am thankful to have the example of love you set for us. Thank you so much.”

Lauren Bentley

Our condolences to the Crouch family and TBN. Jan was a beautiful spirit who along with her husband pioneered Christian television. They saved millions of souls because of their fearlessness and determination to spread God’s word. With Our Deepest Sympathy,

Earvin “Magic” and Cookie Johnson

I can’t find words to express how blessed I was to know Jan and to be a part of TBN all those years. She and Paul were responsible for giving me a platform to spread the Gospel of Jesus all over the world. I can’t count the times she spoke words of encouragement when I was facing hard times in my life. I loved her so much, and she will truly be missed. Love,

Candi Staton

“Dr. Paul Crouch and his lovely wife Jan saw something in this young Pentecostal preacher decades ago that perhaps I didn’t even realize myself. I will always be grateful that they found a place for Breakthrough and for me on their vast network…. Without Dr. Crouch’s faith in me, this ministry simply would not have the national and worldwide influence it has today, and for that I will always be grateful to him and to Jan.”

Pastor Rod Parsley

“My dad loved Paul Crouch and Paul loved my dad. So it is like losing a family member. I can imagine my dad and Paul now sitting at Jesus’ feet together.”

BeBe Winans, Gospel Music Recording Artist

“All of Heaven must have stood when Jan Crouch walked through those gates. Jan didn’t just live in history, she created it. Her work, with her dear husband Paul, literally made Christian television ubiquitous around the globe. The network they created spread the name of Jesus Christ further, faster than – perhaps – at any time in church history. The list of those whose lives were changed numbers at least in tens-of-millions, maybe hundreds-of-millions. I join with the TBN and Crouch family in mourning the loss of an amazing wife, mother, and grandmother, and I celebrate the life of a courageous pioneer in Christian media.”

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

“We celebrate Dr. Paul Crouch’s good and faithful work on earth. May we all leave such a legacy for the Kingdom.”

Pastor Creflo Dollar

“Just watched the TBN Tribute for Paul Crouch. I am so humbled to be a part of the JCTV Network family.”

Seshmi Robertson

Christian broadcasting has lost an icon, and I have lost a friend. I mourn with the family on the passing of Jan Crouch, co-founder of TBN. I loved her for her kindness, her joy, her humor and enormous loving heart. She loved the Lord and shared that love with the world. Her Legacy is monumental, millions won for Christ, and her love lives on in all who knew her.

Clifton Davis, Actor, Producer

“A fine man, Dr. Paul Crouch, has just passed away. All Christians are grateful for his wonderful life and work.”

Donald Trump

“Paul and Jan Crouch co-founded TBN and gave us the greatest network on the earth with over two billion viewers.”

Pastor, recording Artist, Donnie McClurkin

“Thank you Dr. Paul Crouch for your endless effort to bring the world the gospel through TBN. You will be missed.”

Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr.

It was always a pleasure appearing on her show on TBN. She was a lovely person who had a great spirit. So to you Jan, we will all meet once more, on that beautiful shore. So you rest in peace until we meet again

Aaron Neville, Singer

When I heard the report of Jan Crouch’s passing, it really touched my heart. She had a uniqueness about her that you would never forget, and a depth of love for Christ that is unsurpassed. Even though I know she is in heaven rejoicing, I feel a little empty inside. Every time I was with her, all she ever said to me was, “What can I do for you?” The body of Christ will never see a person like her again. Thank you, Jan, for taking the stand for Jesus Christ as you did in your life. I will always cherish the moments that we had together. Rest in peace my friend.

Jesse Duplantis

“Thank you Dr. Paul Crouch for your endless effort to bring the world the gospel through TBN. You will be missed.”

Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr.

So sorry, I never met Jan, or Paul. I do recall she contacted me when Daddy died, very sweet, as I recall — sent me flowers, I think — and then of course those wonderful TBN folk, including Pat Boone, who spoke of Daddy at the memorial, very dear — again, my sympathies to you.

Stephanie Zimbalist, Actress & Daughter of Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

“I mourn the loss of a great general in my generation.”

Worship Leader Israel Houghton

“Please join with West Angeles Church as we offer prayer of comfort to the Crouch family and the passing of such a light in Christendom.”

Bishop Charles Blake

“The gift my dear friend gave to the world cannot be measured in human terms.”

Pastor Jerry Barnard

“Please join with West Angeles Church as we offer prayer of comfort to the Crouch family and the passing of such a light in Christendom.”

Bishop Charles Blake

“Imagine the celebration in heaven! All the people there who were touched by the ministry of TBN are welcoming Paul Crouch home.”

Dr. David Martin

Jan Crouch, along with her late husband Paul, did exactly what Jesus Christ told us all to do: “Go ye therefore and preach the gospel to the world!”

Jason Crabb, Christian Recording Artist

My heart was saddened to hear of the sudden passing of Mama Jan Crouch, a great lady of God. The times that Eva and I spent with her are something that we will cherish for the remainder of our earthly days.Of the many times I have been privileged to appear on TBN programs, our appearances with her on PTL in Orlando at Holy Land USA on New year’s Eve and again six weeks later will forever be etched in our minds. The response to the message of a heavenly home and salvation through Christ was phenomenal! Gracious, kind, utterly devoted to the Lord’s work, she was always so thoughtful and encouraging toward us. Her and Paul’s commitment to the Kingdom’s work has had a resounding impact on an entire generation of souls.Please convey to Matt and Laurie and the entire TBN family our sincere condolences for your temporary separation for her. While it is real now. It will NOT last! I don’t have to imagine what the reunion of Paul and Jan in Heaven must have been like. I experienced it myself. They are doing cart-wheels down the street of gold. And praise God we will see them again.You are all in my prayers during this time. Should there be any comfort that I may render, I would count that I singular honor. We love you guys and cherish our times together.

Don & Eva Piper, Best-selling Author

“Dr. Crouch was one of the greatest Christian television pioneers. God bless his legacy.”

Pastor Myles Munroe

“There are some kingdom dividends we can only collect in dying. Paul Crouch of TBN will certainly be rewarded.”

Bishop I.V. Hilliard

Our hearts have been forever touched and impacted deeply by her love for God, her heart for the world, and an undaunted commitment to the furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her legacy will forever live on in our hearts.

Dr. Cindy Trimm

God gave Dr. Papa Paul Crouch the mantle for world evangelism and through watching TBN I was saved when I was at my lowest in my life. Thank You Papa Paul for answering God’s call.


I am very grateful for the many broadcasts I viewed via satellite while I was living on my farm. I connected with TBN by phone and was always supported and loved. I am contacting you from Western Australia.


Paul has touched my life with his TV station. From Lusaka Zambia Africa with love